Rhymes With Fuchsia

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tiny Dancer

How does this

turn into this?

I have no idea, but it sure is fun to watch. Miss B's ballet school takes ballet very seriously, and they always do a real ballet as their recital. This year it was A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I think they also did her first year. While Miss B still hasn't quite reached the point of participating in the actual plot, she and her fellow Level 3 students look a lot more like dancers than they used to, both onstage and off. The chiffon costumes are a lot less itchy than those sequined numbers, and she now does her own hair.

Although we miss the tiny dancer, we're very proud of the medium-sized one who has taken her place.

And let's not forget a rousing round of applause for her intrepid ballet teacher. Thank you, Ms. Campbell!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sisterhood Is Beautiful

All my sisters out there probably know that after leaving Pat, the box came to visit Ruth. Naturally, as soon as she made the mistake of letting it slip told me that it had arrived, I hurried right over to participate in the unveiling.

Officially, of course, this was Ruth's turn to be alone with the box; mine will come later. It's understandable that she was inclined to be grabby a little protective at first.

There was some yummy stuff in that box, I must say. When the yarn stopped flying, I found myself in possession of these:

LL and Kureyon
I've never worked with either of these yarns (I do have some LL, but it's been patiently waiting its turn), so they were impossible to resist. Thanks, Ruth!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


No doubt you've all heard by now that it's been wet here. It rained and rained until I was so dark-gray-and-drizzlied that I was ready to go out and drown myself, and I wouldn't have had to go far. On Saturday, with great regret, Ruth and I decided not to brave the floods for NH Sheep & Wool. To top it all off, Monday morning I woke to another wet day and a toothache that had gone from nudging me now and then to jumping up and down to get my attention. I spent the day visiting the dentist and recovering from her ministrations (cracked tooth, temporary crown, and wait to see if it lies quiet and just needs a crown, or keeps fussing and needs a root canal first). As a result, when the sun finally came out I was inside working.

The upside of all this, of course, was that I got (for me) quite a lot of knitting done. I finished Miss B's socks in time for her to wear them proudly to her ballet recital on Sunday (although not on stage).

These took me just over a week, which for me is unheard-of speed. Mr. E, ride the wave! Since green figures largely in the yarn (Elann Esprit print), I'm counting them as my May Project Spectrum offering as well.

It was not until late Sunday that I learned about blue squares for Justin. I started immediately and (making good use of all that time in the dentist's chair) mailed three squares on Tuesday morning.

Please, folks, if you have some blue wool yarn and a little time, make a square or two. Cynthia needs them as fast as she can get them. (Visit Justin's link for specs.)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Running On Empty

I think it may be time to go to the pet-supply store.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thanks, Ruth!

Guess who nonchalantly showed up at the back door this morning? I should have known that running a pool would do it. As the only entrant, Kathleen wins. An astute student of feline nature, Kathleen.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Like A Pig In Mud

In case anyone doesn't know it by now, Scout was my sock pal, and she loves her socks! I am happy as a pig in, well, you know. Mud, that's right. As if that were not enough, I got socks too.

And needles, and buttons, and patterns, oh my.

Thank you so much, Anastacia!

Remember the Truth For Yarn Contest? It should be pretty clear by now: I misrepresented the colors of the socks, which were purple rather than blue, because Scout loves purple, not blue and green. And I failed to show you the flowers in progress. No one got close, but trek got the closest for figuring out that I had lied about Scout's colors. So, trek, please send an email to rhymes with fuchsia at comcast dot net and we'll talk yarn.

Meanwhile, I started another pair of socks for Miss B. Nothing fancy this time, just that old standby, feather and fan. Having no idea at the time that I would find myself in an episode of the Knitting Twilight Zone, I started these before Carole posted hers. I too was thinking of ocean waves. Mr. E, are you listening? This is an ocean of knitting mojo washing over your leg.

Cat Watch: Day 4

What do you mean, come down? I am queen of all I survey.

Ruth suggested another contest, since the last one worked out so well. I'm game for anything, so you can enter to win yarn by sending me an email (address above) predicting the date and time of the cat's descent from the tree. Tiebreaking question: what are the names of our five cats? I've mentioned four on the blog; for the fifth, you'll just have to guess. A drawing will be held to determine the winner in the event of a tie.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tiny Furry Idiot

Same cat, different tree.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bony Thoughts

I am thinking bony thoughts for Mr. E, husband of the intrepid Etherknitter — who today has posted some amazing photos of ordinary New England plants. Seen through her eyes they are far from ordinary.

Tonight I join my fellow knitters in flashing stash for Mr. E.

Here we have some Trekking, some Gems, and a fair amount of Koigu. Let me take this opportunity to remind you that the Truth For Yarn Contest (as I just decided to call it) is still open. None of the few guesses I've gotten has been close, so I'll leave it open a few more days, until my pal gets her package. And I offer the following hints:

  • Yesterday's post was entirely true.

  • Some lies are worth a thousand words.

  • I am a creature of habit.
Does that make it easier? Since there's new information, previous guessers may guess again if they wish.