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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slipping Away

Where did the summer go? lots of people have been asking. Excellent question. I signed up for the Summer of Socks and promptly developed a raving case of sloth, and nary a sock have I knit. I have knit other things, but not many. It must be the cooler nights we've been having, but all of a sudden I'm getting the urge to knit on purpose, as opposed to working a round here, a round there on the double-knit hat during waiting time. (I'd show you a picture, but it really is going very slowly.) If I knit, oh, about five times as fast as I normally do, I might finish a pair of socks before SoS vanishes like the last red glow of a summer sunset.

Last night at knitting Zana was working on a gorgeous pair of mittens from a pattern in a book. "I wish I had that book," I thought, and then I realized: I do have that book, EZ's Knitting Around. With perseverance, I might actually learn the Thumb Trick — or I might keep knitting "sore thumb" thumbs, since they work so nicely for me. So far I've found that using palm stitches for the thumb makes the mitten too narrow. Maybe I need to knit wider mittens.

And I still really want to make a shawl, and even have some ideas bouncing around. For once I may actually be ready for a change of season.


  • I may be "knitting ready" for the end of summer, but I am not "summer food" finished yet. More berries! More snowcones! More melons in the backyard, eaten out of hands with juice dripping off the elbows and seeds to spit and a hose handy for clean up after.

    By Blogger Roxie, at 10:28 AM  

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