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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Cocktails/Mocktails

This topic takes me back to my drinking days. Even in more carefree times I never drank much, having discovered early on that more than three drinks in an evening would have extremely unpleasant consequences, and eventually I started getting wicked hangovers even after only one drink. Now alcohol is on the forbidden list, and I've bent the rule a couple of times at weddings, but not otherwise. There seems little point, what with the hangovers, but I am feeling a bit nostalgic.
  1. Vodka and tonic. This used to be my go-to summer drink.
  2. Margarita. It made a nice change from vodka and tonic.
  3. Virgin strawberry daiquiri. Sadly, strawberries are forbidden fruit, but once in a while I sneak one anyway.
  4. Sombrero/white Russian/black Russian.
  5. Screwdriver. Chock full of vitamin C.
  6. Cosmopolitan. What I drank the last time I got tipsy, which, with me, doesn't take much.
  7. Tequila sunrise. I once got carded while buying grenadine.
  8. Rum and coke.
  9. Muskrats of various hues. The muskrat was an invention of a crowd Grant hung out with in college. The varieties included red (beer and tomato juice), black (beer and kahlua), white (beer and milk), and, my personal favorite, green (beer and creme de menthe). To the best of my knowledge and no one's surprise, none of these was ever actually mixed, never mind drunk.
  10. Jack Daniels and Fresca. Marjorie once seriously asked my dad to get her this at a political function. My dad said if she really wanted it she would have to ask the bartender for it herself.


  • Actually, beer and tomato juice is quite a pleasant and refreshing beverage. Some people use spicey V8 and add a shot of Trappeez hot sauce. Piquant. I use mock beer(O'Doules is my favorite) and Clamato.

    Champagne cocktail is my go-to for a fine dinner. Margarita for anything else. Unless it's a Cuba Libre. Or whatever the cruise ship has on special with an umbrella.

    By Blogger Roxie, at 8:53 AM  

  • #9 and 10 are pretty funny! Pretty much I avoid vodka... and fruity drinks. Tequila? Gin? Rum? ok, those'll do... especially if they're citrusy (so I guess there isn't really an abandonment of fruit)

    By Blogger Lisa/knitnzu, at 8:27 AM  

  • I really like beer and tomato juice, which around my house we call a Beery Mary.

    In France, they used to drink a sort of working class Kir that was beer and some sort of grenadine or grenadine-esque syrup and I think that was called a Turbago? Can't remember. I drank a couple while there and sort of liked them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:12 PM  

  • Hi, Lucia,

    You asked about the oak leaf bookmark pattern...it's a Heartstrings pattern. This cracks me up, because she's also the originator of the bunny pattern I ended up making and...uh...dressing up for people...

    It's a really wonderful little pattern.

    By Anonymous Lee Ann, at 5:35 PM  

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