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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Places for Online Shopping

Once upon a time I loved shopping, mostly for clothes; now I hate it. I have too many clothes, and I am fat. But online, as one of my favorite cartoons has it, no one knows I'm a dog. I can shop for clothes and shoes and fancy hair foo-foos — rarely actually buying anything — without any teenaged salesgirls' asking me how I am today. (Fat.)

It's late, and I'm too lazy to put the links in. If you want to be enabled you'll have to meet me halfway.
  1. L.L. Bean. They're the perfect store for middle-aged frumps. I even have their credit card.
  2. The Loopy Ewe. This afternoon I missed a Wollmeise update, which is probably not such a bad thing, since 1) I have some yarn already 2) we are trying to be sensible. When I'm not stalking the elusive Wollmeise I flit through Dream in Color, Shibui, Bugga... yummm.
  3. WEBS. They have almost every yarn I could possibly want.
  4. elann. One of the best yarn vendors for cheapskates.
  5. Knitpicks. The other one.
  6. Ravelry destash. This is not a store, of course, but no one said my favorite shopping places had to be stores. Almost any yarn you want, someone is trying to get rid of.
  7. Barnes & Noble. Thanks to Knitpicks book sales I haven't bought many books elsewhere lately, but when I do, it's usually from B&N.
  8. Minuteman Library Network. Like Barnes & Noble, they have almost any book you could want, but free, as long as you bring it back on time.
  9. Zappos. Alas, I've never been into cute shoes. In the last few years I've been on a quest for shoes that don't hurt my feet. These seem to be a pair of old hiking boots a friend gave me and Keen sandals. I think I'd do well with other Keens too, but here's a case where there's no substitute for brick and mortar. Meanwhile I admire all the pretty foot-punishing shoes I will never buy.
  10. France Luxe, purveyor of fancy hair foo-foos. I found them online while looking for plain pseudotortoiseshell bobby pins, which stopped being sold in stores for quite a while. They've since made a return, but meanwhile I discovered better ones at France Luxe at a higher but still reasonable price. They also sell all kinds of crystal-encrusted creations (why does attaching little pieces of glass to something octuple the price? inquiring minds want to know) at highly unreasonable prices, but looking is free.


  • I love that you included Minuteman on your list!

    By Blogger Carole Knits, at 6:59 AM  

  • They crank out the plain hairpins by machine at about 600 per minute. They have to pay a human being for the time it takes to attach the crystals. So go to JoAnne's buy your own crystals, and create your own original foofoos for a fraction of the price.

    I endorse your yarn shops. And Land's End also has practical, attractive clothing for grownups.

    Considering your diet, I am skeptical of your self-assigned, "Fat" description.

    By Blogger Roxie, at 9:13 AM  

  • Elann! Why do I not check that site when I am looking for yarn for a specific project? I will in future.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36 PM  

  • I never would have suspected you as the hair foo-foo type! You are NOT fat.

    By Anonymous Kathleen, at 5:31 PM  

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