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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Games from my Childhood
This one takes me way back, which is of course the idea.
  1. Hide and seek. Does anyone play this any more? I can hardly remember a month when I didn't play it, starting at age five.
  2. Jump rope. Same question. We mostly played a game called donuts, don't ask me why, which involved various feats of jumping one-footed, eyes shut, fast and slow.
  3. Life, the board game. My friend Nelie and I played at her house at least once a week. Several times I ended up with six or more kids. I'm glad this was not a sign of things to come.
  4. Go Fish, the first card game I ever learned, and still a good one.
  5. Chinese jump rope. The "rope" was essentially a very long rubber band that went around two players' ankles, and a third player between them had to tangle her feet in it and then extract them in various ways.
  6. Qubic, three-dimensional tic-tac-toe.
  7. Sorry, Trouble, Aggravation, Parcheesi. I've probably forgotten a few of its names.
  8. Canasta. My grandmother taught me her favorite version when I was about nine.
  9. Tantalizer. This game was in the back of my fifth-grade classroom, and I only got to play it once or twice. It involved doing tasks like putting small rings onto hooks — but you had to do it all while looking in a mirror. I've never seen it since.
  10. Ghost. My favorite for long car rides, but I've played it in other places as well.


  • I played hide and seek just last summer. It was great fun! Have you ever played Sardines? "It" goes and hides while everyone else counts to one hundred. Then everyone spreads out to find "it". When you do, you hide with him. Pretty soon you have six pepole crammed into a closet and trying not to giggle, while two or three folks wander around, alone, searching. The last person to find "IT" becomes "It" for the next round. Lots of fun for adolescent girls and boys !

    By Blogger Roxie, at 10:23 AM  

  • LOL! I'm laughing that both you and Brittni both had car fulls of kids when playing Life. :) I always ended up single, with no kids! Wait, does that mean I'm the one who will actually end up with 6? Just call me Sexta-Mom. Maybe I could create a silly adult themed tape of fetices too...

    By Blogger Miss Amy, at 4:35 PM  

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