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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Since there's no official ToT this week, I'm rolling my own, using (very) recent experience as my guide.

Ten Things to Do on Vacation
  1. Spin by the lake.
  2. Visit a favorite scenic spot. In our case this would be Small's Falls.
  3. Eat. Last night we visited our favorite restaurant so far since our previous favorite burned down. (The Porter House, a couple of years ago. Nothing left. So sad, although not as sad as if anyone had been injured; fortunately no one was.)
  4. Swim. I love to swim, which in my case is really paddling around, and I've never yet found a better place to do it than Rangeley Lake. So clear, so lovely.
  5. Take pictures. Many, many pictures. There will be more.
  6. Hike. I haven't done much this time. Fortunately I get my exercise paddling around.
  7. Pick blueberries. I haven't done this yet either. I fear most of the blueberries may be gone already, that very hot June we had having moved up the growing season, but I'll venture out at least once before we leave.
  8. Shop. One nice thing about being in the middle of nowhere is that the chain stores haven't made it here yet, so I don't see the same stuff as everywhere else.
  9. Visit the nearest biggish town. A yarn store and a used bookstore (I mean a store purveying used books, of course) live cheek by jowl, an excellent arrangement.
  10. Find a place with free wifi and blog about it all.
See you tomorrow with another report on #1, and, of course, more pix.


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