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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten Reasons to Love Bacon

This is the easiest ToT topic I've ever seen. My hat's off to Carole, or whoever came up with it.

Ten Reasons to Love Bacon
  1. Bacon and eggs, of course.
  2. BLT.
  3. Bacon-wrapped lamb patties.
  4. Bacon cheddarburger.
  5. Fettucine carbonara. That would be Canadian bacon, which counts as bacon.
  6. Bacon spinach salad.
  7. Uncured bacon.
  8. The smell of bacon in the morning. Or just about any other time.
  9. Bacon and onion quiche.
  10. Random bacon.
Why the duck? you may be asking. Because I don't have a picture of bacon.


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