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Thursday, October 02, 2008

276 Down, 90 To Go

Have I really blogged for 276 days in a row? It doesn't seem possible, and yet it's true. Tonight, however, having just staggered home from town meeting, I'll observe the tradition, but I warn you not to expect wit. At least the good guys won, so we endured a dull evening in a good cause. Best moment of the night: pro and con sides give their presentations on the first article, and the moderator says he'll take questions before debate. Questions 1-4 are on technical matters. Fifth question, by a woman named Elizabeth: "can we vote now?" Which we did. Talk about getting things done. If you want to run for selectman, Elizabeth, you've got my vote.

I did get some knitting done on Meander. Second-best moment: we stand to vote, and the crochet hook I've been using as a cable needle falls out of my lap and rolls under the seat in front of me. You wouldn't think something that small would clank that much.

Speaking of debates, I'm not watching Biden/Palin, but we did listen on the way home on the radio. In what I heard of it, Palin sounded very good. Of course she would almost have to.

I frogged Wild Thing all the way back to the dropped stitch, worked a few inches, and discovered that I'd dropped the same stitch again. I'm now using a safety line. I feel like I'm the last kid on the block still with training wheels, but humility hurts less than face-planting into gravel (which I actually did once — if you know where to look you can still see the scar).

If the Red Sox can't win the World Series this year, it would be really nice if the Cubs did, but it's not looking too promising: they lost the first game and are currently down 5-0 in the fourth inning of the second.

All right, I just wrote evening for inning. Nighty-night, all.


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