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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Today's official ToT is ten great things that happened last summer. I can easily think of ten, but you've read about all of them already, so I'm rolling my own again.

Ten Things I Did Before Eight This Morning
  1. 6:15: Wake to alarm. Decide not to get up yet. Hit snooze.
  2. 6:17: Wake to Miss B requiring lunch money. Decide I might as well get up.
  3. 6:20: Drag sorry butt downstairs. Prepare Taz's medicine.
  4. 6:25: Give Taz his first cup of water (by tube). Check his diaper, find it bone-dry. Good.
  5. 6:32: Start laundry Taz generated last night (had to change the entire boy and the bed).
  6. 7:20: Go to fetch Taz's wheelchair, which last night I used as a drying rack for a sheet. Discover that Callie (well, I don't know it was Callie, but she does this sort of thing) has peed on the sheet and the wheelchair.
  7. 7:21-25: While cleaning chair, consider gift-wrapping Callie and presenting her with my compliments to the first available coyote.
  8. 7:26: Taz's van arrives. I have been dealing with the wheelchair instead of giving Taz his meds. Explain situation to driver, a man of saintly patience.
  9. 7:27: Give Taz his meds. Discover that he is also wet and change his diaper and clothes. Marvel at what he can do with what can't be more than a tablespoon of liquid.
  10. 7:36: Put Taz on van. Seriously consider blowing off work in favor of a nice long nap. Shower instead.
Admittedly, steps 1-5 are daily routine. So is step 10. Steps 6-9, however, are more than any one morning should dish out.


  • May you encounter ten bits of tenderness for every wrinkle in your morning routine.

    By Anonymous Chris, at 7:25 AM  

  • My God, woman! You had on your rollerskates this morning, didn't you? You accomplish more in 4 minutes than I do in fourty.

    Does Callie have cystitis?

    By Blogger Roxie, at 9:20 AM  

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