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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not So Hard After All

The game is close enough to be nerve-racking. Apparently I really do want the Pats to win. On the plus side, 1) the Giants didn't score on that last Hail Mary, 2) I therefore snagged a piece of the office pool. (I was really hoping the Pats would score before Brady's fumble, even though that would have put me out of the money.)

Oh, and the stupid cat hasn't been out all day.

Update: I can't believe the Giants won. Who is their quarterback, and what has he done with Eli Manning? Seriously, I find a tiny silver lining (on what is admittedly a black cloud big enough for Joe Bftsplk* and a few million of his friends) in the vindication and victory of the underdog. Also, I won a nice chunk of yarn money.

*If you're too young to catch the reference, I'm too crabby to explain it. Google is your friend.


  • We don't have cable (therefore, no reception) but I've been following the score online as I am doing homework.

    By Blogger Danielle, at 8:50 PM  

  • Ha! Didn't know Joe's cloud could have a silver lining! The beginning of the end?

    By Blogger Carol, at 9:43 AM  

  • Anything that gets you yarn money can't be all bad. ;-)

    By Anonymous Beth S., at 1:40 PM  

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