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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Blue State of Mind

beforeLast summer when I started dyeing yarn, I began with handpainting. The first skein I worked on turned out nice, but, as is the wont of first tries, not quite what I had envisioned. It was uneven, a bit blotchy, and, at the transitions between colors, embarrassingly pale. It needed a makeover.

I'd planned to do another round of handpainting, but that was before I dyed the roving for felt balls using the much simpler immersion method. What would happen, I began to wonder, if I just threw it into a pot with some blue dye?

So last week during the unseasonably warm and bright weather (come back, sun! we miss you!), that's what I did.

afterI chose blue in the spirit of the season, and also out of basic color sense: the original colors were blue, purple and green. I measured the dye liberally (pun intended), wondering what magic I was making. Would the blue overwhelm the other colors, giving me a lovely but rather plain blue skein, or would I get indigo, turquoise, royal, periwinkle, Atlantic, cerulean, midnight, lake, cornflower, lapis, and a score of other shades whose names I've forgotten, if they ever existed?

The latter, as it turns out. I am in love with it. (Grant doesn't know.) I want to keep it around forever, just to look at, and I want to turn it into a splendid pair of socks. I'm caught in the eternal dilemma: I can't have my yarn and knit it too.


  • Now that's just gorgeous! I'm always a sucker for blue.

    By Blogger Julie, at 2:54 PM  

  • That's not just blue, my friend. Ellie would tell you that it is "blue-blue-BLUE-blue" yarn, and such, it deserves to be treasured and then knit into something that will make full use of it's beautiful blueness.

    By Anonymous Erica, at 3:39 PM  

  • GORgeous. That looks like a lot of yarn. Couldn't you knit a shortish pair of socks and skein up the rest to keep like a pet?

    By Blogger Ruth, at 5:25 PM  

  • It's pretty!

    By Blogger Scoutj, at 5:34 PM  

  • I agree with Ruth. You can wear the pet skein around your neck. :-)

    By Anonymous Manise, at 7:45 PM  

  • Very nice dying, Lucia. A nice blue topping off of my day. I really want to see it knit though...so admire for awhile, but I expect progress.

    By Blogger Ann, at 7:51 PM  

  • I love both skeins Lucia although I have to say the first one absolutely caught my breath; it's gorgeous - pretty amazing for a first try. I love your other one too but that first one....

    By Blogger Cynthia, at 9:39 PM  

  • both look great. really beautiful

    By Blogger maryse, at 6:59 AM  

  • That is beautiful! That is a lustful blue.

    By Anonymous Laurie, at 9:23 PM  

  • Yowsa! Bodacious blues, baby! Much as I love the pretty, pretty colors in version alpha, I think beta will work up into a more useable garment. But a pet skein - YES! What an idea!!

    By Blogger Roxie, at 9:24 AM  

  • Is that MY yarn in the picture?? I LOVE the yarn you dyed for me. I'm still waiting for it to "tell" me what it wants to be. :-)

    By Blogger AngeliasKnitting, at 11:48 PM  

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