Rhymes With Fuchsia

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Miss B got new glasses, which she models here along with a Miro sample that I made for the lovely Janet, of Woolpack fame. Note the landscape behind her: I took this picture a week or so ago, after what I devoutly hope will be the last serious snow for quite a while.

The melting snow revealed our catnip plant, or rather the dead stalks that remained from last year's catnip. This concerned Miss B: "What will Achilles do without his nip?" she asked me. I told her not to worry, the plant would be back, but she was skeptical... until she cleaned off the mat of oak leaves that had filled the pot to the top and discovered that I was right. I remain madly jealous of Carole's crocuses, but at least we have something growing here.

And, most amazing, Taz is 15 today. Fifteen, I tell you. How did this happen? I do not know. But please wish him a happy birthday, and then go wish Margene one. Taz and Margene both know how to let go and enjoy themselves, and if they're both celebrating, spring is definitely on the way.