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Monday, December 08, 2008

Try, Try Again

The other day, when it was much warmer out, I took a picture of Miro in the sun. I think you can actually see it this time. Because of the 2x2 instead of 1x1 rib, the cables are much more sharply defined than Meander's. They remind me a bit of mountains seen from the air, only much more regular, of course.

It is, to be as polite as I can about it, bloody effing cold here. This afternoon around about sunset, usually just a little off peak afternoon temperature, it was 22F/-6C at the local weather station according to the NWS; now it's 9F/-13C. Or, to use the proper scientific terminology, bloody effing cold. It's supposed to get up into the 40s tomorrow, though. I'll be sure to pack a bathing suit.


  • Yeah, but at least you get some sunshine. You can sit inside, look out the window, squit your eyes and pretend.

    The scarf is bloody effing gorgeous!

    By Blogger Roxie, at 10:24 AM  

  • I think it looks like a beautiful river.

    By Anonymous Laurie, at 5:16 PM  

  • I love the scarf. And of course the up side of 9 degree weather is that it makes 40 feel like t-shirt (or at least open coat) weather.

    My verification word sounds like something to do with scarf finishing:


    By Blogger Alwen, at 6:54 PM  

  • It was bloody effin' cold here too, and though it's bloody effin' a bit warmer (supposedly, if Mr. Fahrenheit is to be believed) it's gusty and seems JUST as bloody effin' cold as the bloody effin' ONE DEGREE F yesterday. ONE DEGREE! I can't deal.

    But the purpleness is lovely. :")

    Haha, that smiley was a bit of a typo, but I like how the quote mark makes it look like a runny nose -- appropriate for the season.

    By Anonymous Norma, at 9:38 PM  

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