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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where Was I? Also, Where Am I?

Does anyone remember what I was blogging about before Taz's brief hospital stay?

Oh, yeah. It's coming back to me now: I was running a contest. I even had a bunch of entries, and probably a few of you out there are too kind to remind me that I left a loose end dangling, as it were.

So, picking up the thread, as it were: I pretty much have the answer to the question I asked, but since I never declared an ending time and then rather embarrassingly forgot about the whole thing, I'll keep the contest open until midnight Saturday. If you wish to enter and haven't already, leave your comment on the contest post.

To inspire you — because while I really have no choice but to cop to amnesia, let it never be said that I passed up an opportunity for comment wh*redom — here's an actual picture of the prize.


  • I honestly prefer the written and charted instructions... sometimes when you get stuck on the chart, it helps to read the directions. Especially if there are many YO or p5tog. :)

    Did I win?

    By Blogger Mini, at 7:50 AM  

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