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Monday, August 21, 2006


That, my friends, is the sound of reality biting. We arrived home Saturday to find the cats in good health and spirits, the lawn mown, and the house cleaned in our absence — we pay for all this, of course, but it does make reentry a little smoother.

We ran various errands yesterday and feel slightly more in control, but the kitchen is a shambles, the van still holds various vacation gear, and Mount Laundry and Back-to-School Ridge throw ominous shadows in our path. Oh, and the Red Sox are impaled upon the world's largest toasting fork. I will have to gird my loins to address myself to all of these challenges (except, of course, for the Red Sox, about whom nothing can be done except to become a Yankees fan, which would be wrong).

As soon as I get home from work.


  • Glad your re-entry wasn't too painful. Except for the Red Sox. But we here in Red Sox land have come to expect this sort of thing.

    By Blogger Carole, at 1:25 PM  

  • But the Mets are SO in first place!

    By Blogger trek, at 1:35 PM  

  • There's always next year. (Repeat ad infinitum.)

    By Blogger Beth S., at 2:35 PM  

  • we can root for the Mets. they are in first place like trek says, and met fans hate the yankees as much as we do.

    By Blogger maryse, at 2:44 PM  

  • You could always switch your allegiance to the Cubs (she said, rolling on the ground laughing).

    By Blogger Ruth, at 6:19 PM  

  • It sucks coming back from vacation!

    By Blogger AngeliasKnitting, at 10:51 PM  

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