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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Movie Characters

Rather than take the easy ones, I decided to do minor characters. Very minor in some cases, and not exactly a character in one, but I do what I can.
  1. Joe Junior, While You Were Sleeping: This movie has such a good supporting cast that it's hard to pick one, but the closet scene is on my list of all-time greats.
  2. Tim the enchanter, Monty Python and the Holy Grail: I just want to learn that flame-throwing trick.
  3. Jeff, Tootsie: You slut.
  4. Fainting nun, Ghost
  5. Wendy, A Fish Called Wanda: Another hard choice from several possibilities. Best line: You can stick this marriage right in your bottom.
  6. Chocolate, The Birdcage: Trina McGee has one line and about seven seconds on screen as the woman with whom a senator is caught dead to rights, as it were, but she makes the most of them.
  7. Wilson, Cast Away: All right, so he's not exactly a character, but this role takes the common dramatic device of having minor characters on stage just so the lead doesn't have to talk to himself to its logical conclusion. (British servants seem to have been invented to give Shakespearean royalty someone to talk to.)
  8. Dennis the elevator operator, Pretty Woman
  9. Restaurant customer ("I'll have what she's having"), When Harry Met Sally: Another great one-line role.
  10. Roz, Monsters, Inc.: I don't want to see any paperwork on this.


  • Regarding #8, that lady is Rob Reiner's mother. He directed the movie and I love that he put his mom into that scene.

    By Blogger Cookie, at 2:09 PM  

  • I can hardly remember the major characters!

    By Blogger knitnzu, at 5:38 PM  

  • Now hold your nose and say, "I'm watching you, Wozowski, always watching..."

    By Blogger Annie, at 11:41 PM  

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