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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten sports I like to watch or do

I had a lot of trouble with this one, as I've never been especially athletic, and I wasn't sure I could think of that many sports I like to watch. I put them more or less in order of preference.

  1. Soccer, but generally only if my daughter is playing.
  2. Gymnastics, preferably women's. I really enjoy watching people do things I know are physically impossible.
  3. Figure skating. All right, so I'm a chick. Have I ever tried to pretend otherwise?
  4. Baseball. I'm amazed that it's this high on the list, but I really do like watching, even though it's nerve-rackingly slow. At the moment, for example, the Red Sox are down 2-1 in the eighth with the bases loaded and two outs, all facts that we can clearly see but of which Don Orsillo keeps feeling the need to remind us, probably because he has to continue talking between pitches. Of course while I was writing that sentence Lowell made the third out, which (almost certainly) means the Rays are going to win again. I can't help feeling semi-sort-of-happy for the Rays, who have never even made the playoffs and whom everyone expected to occupy their usual lowly spot this year.
  5. Tennis. See gymnastics above. Granted, tennis players don't defy the laws of physics quite so consistently and spectacularly as gymnasts do, but at least once a match comes a shot that no human should be able to make.
  6. Football. I never used to like it, but now I do. Blame it on the Patriots, who I predict will turn back into mere mortals this coming season.
  7. Basketball, mostly when the Celtics are playing.
  1. Swimming. Well, the way I do it it's not exactly a sport: there's no Olympic category for paddling about. But I do love to swim, even if I do it very slowly.
  2. Canoeing. See swimming.
  3. Hiking. I'm not sure hiking counts as a sport at all, and in my case it's usually indistinguishable from going for a walk. But I have climbed a couple of small mountains, so I'm going with it.

How about you?


  • Ten sports I like to watch / do? Whoah! mental disconnect there. Sports and like in the same sentence. Well, ok, gymnastics do fascinate me. Floor (men's and women's), rhythmic, balance beam, uneven paralell bars, rings, horse, paralell bars... is that 8? Then there's figure skating and ice dancing. Sports to do? Power lounging. Extreme napping. Marathon knitting. Rhythmic breathing.

    By Blogger Roxie, at 11:05 AM  

  • Mr. E is very unhappy with the Sox right now.

    By Blogger Laurie, at 9:22 AM  

  • Show jumping, horse racing, erm... gymnatics, sure, but very rarely. Used to be obsessive about figure skating (men's and ice dancing only), but have lost interest. Rowing on the Olympic level is oddly fascinating, as is curling (on any level). Still, the last time I deliberately tuned in and watched a sport was years ago.

    As for doing, I'm a professional at jumping to conclusions.

    By Blogger Lene Andersen, at 12:01 AM  

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