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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double the Fun

Remember my double-knitting class, where I ended up making a coaster instead of a hat because I didn't do my homework?

Better late than never, I'm working on the hat.

When I made the double-knit initial square for WoolyBabe's blanket I used the slip method, working all the stitches in one color and slipping the others, then sliding the work back to the other end of the circ and working the second color. I tried working both colors at once, but I seemed to have less control of the tension that way.

I learned during the class that when working in the round I would need to work both colors at once. I'm not sure I believe that — I would think that I could work a round with one color, then with the other, the same as if I were working flat — but I started with both colors and found it surprisingly easy. I don't know if it's easier because the yarn is less stretchy or because I'm finally getting the hang of it, but I'm enjoying myself.


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