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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Ahead...

Lene has honored me with a You Make My Day award, to which I can only say: back atcha. If you don't read Lene's blog, you are missing out: her writing is hilarious and moving and inspirational and sharp and blunt and deep and wide-ranging, and she has the best, time-suckingest links in the world and awesome TV reviews that I love to read although I never watch the shows. And her pictures are unbelievable.

Now, thanks to Lene — thank you, Lene! — I get to pass it on. I had a really hard time with this, because as Margene put it so well, all of the bloggers I read, regularly or sporadically, make my day, and I'm grateful to every single (and married) one of you for making me laugh and cry and nod in agreement and marvel at your knitting. You, yes, you, make my day. (Even if you haven't posted in quite a while. That means you, and you. Also you. Come back, wherever you are!)

When I came to name names, of all the blogs I read, for the most part I picked the ones less traveled by, that still have to me made all the difference.

I have to start with Ruth, of course, friend, knitter, seamstress, traveling companion, mom and writer extraordinaire. (I'm sure I've left out a few of her hats; it's a wonder she can find a shelf big enough for all of them.)

Cece, knitter, spinner, dog person. I'm not a dog person, but Cece almost makes me want to be one.

The phenomenally creative Liz, who has walked in grief, but not languished.

Danielle, who designed the first adult sweater she ever knit. Plus she's totally easy to enable.

Marcy, who somehow manages to unearth knitters of the past where no one else thought to look. How does she do it?

Lady Alwen. I stumbled across her blog while desperately seeking information on double knitting, and haven't been able to avert my eyes since. Go see her latest photo. Just amazing.

Roxie, whom I've known online for ten years, give or take, and who has bent my mind from day one. It seems like every other day a new masterpiece falls out of her head and off her needles. She also writes a mean book.

Knitigator Kathy, knitter, spinner, international chef.

Rainwood the Yarn Pirate. No art form is safe.

Annie, of 40 Days for Others fame.

And, last but by no means least, you. Consider yourself tagged.


  • Good list.

    By Blogger Carole Knits, at 6:37 AM  

  • Aw, thanks for including me!

    By Blogger Danielle, at 9:52 AM  

  • I read all the blogs you've listed. They are good!

    By Blogger Margene, at 10:02 AM  

  • Oh shazam! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you are posting more often because I check your blog daily, and finding something new always makes my day!

    By Blogger Roxie, at 10:43 AM  

  • Wow! Thank you very much, and thanks for the links to all these interesting blogs.

    By Blogger Alwen, at 11:02 AM  

  • Now I'm blushing. And speechless. Which doesn't happen often (the specchless, anyway).


    By Blogger Lene Andersen, at 1:07 PM  

  • And you make mine! I'll have to sneak in some extra readin gtime today ;-)

    By Blogger Carol, at 1:41 PM  

  • Why thank you! That certainly made my day.

    By Anonymous Kathy, at 2:59 PM  

  • mwah!!

    By Blogger Ruth, at 9:49 PM  

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