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Monday, January 21, 2008

Not That You Asked (Recently)

I'm not the first to discover that this business of posting every day can leave a person casting about fairly desperately for ideas. And one can do the here's-a-nice-picture-no-words-needed thing only so often.

It was in this frame of mind that I recalled being tagged with the (some number of) Weird Things About Me meme, at least twice, I believe. It was months and months ago, and even the people who tagged me have probably forgotten the whole thing, but I'm running with it anyway. I've seen this as anywhere from five to eight things: since I waited so long, I'm going with the eight.

  • My toes are really short. My second toe is much shorter than my big toe, and the others are all about the same length. I can, however, crack them without using my hands.
  • I've been married to the same guy for 26 years, and still would rather have dinner with him than with any other guy I know.
  • I don't like Car Talk (the radio show, I mean: you can talk about your car as much as you want). They used to give good advice, maybe still do, but since they got famous they spend way too much time cracking jokes that aren't half as funny as they think they are.
  • My favorite piece of music is the third movement of Mozart's third Prussian quartet.
  • I talk in my sleep. Or so Grant claims. The first thing he ever reported my saying to him was, "Pounds."
    "Pounds?" he replied, thinking me awake if rather bizarre.
    "Pounds of weight. Possible to make either actual or classical marathon."
    (Classical marathon was the college radio station's switch to an all-classical format during reading period.)
  • I write much faster than I talk. Especially in group conversations I have trouble getting all the words lined up right and flowing from brain to mouth.
  • I take my control issues out on my knitting. I tend to knit quite tightly and to disdain self-striping yarn (I alone will decide when to change colors).
  • One of our cats runs from practically everyone else but, if no one else is around, will climb into my lap and purr shamelessly. We have no idea why.
Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's a nice picture.

See you tomorrow. (I'll think of something.)


  • i hear you about the car talk jokes. but i still learn something every time i listen.

    of course i know nothing about cars.

    By Blogger maryse, at 3:27 PM  

  • I dunno, I think you could have gone with the cat-and-wheel picture!

    By Blogger Alwen, at 5:57 PM  

  • hmmm... maybe your cat is a control freak and recognizes kindred spirit? Or maybe it is only you that the cat converses with during the long dark hours?

    By Blogger knitnzu, at 6:11 PM  

  • Car Talk...HATE it! It's nice to know others do to!

    By Blogger Margene, at 7:05 PM  

  • Don't have a car, so I cna't relate to the car talk thing. But the kitty? Kitty knows that your control issues end at a certain point, and kitty is not included. ;)
    And I don't know how people can think of a post every day, write it, post it, add pics, and then respond to the comments. SO much work.

    By Anonymous Dave Daniels, at 7:44 PM  

  • I can understand your predicament. I thought I might aim for more regular blogging this year, but I also have the "what's worth saying?" problem. I *did* promise myself that I wouldn't whine online, so unlike my high school diary, I can't just let it all hang out. I might just steal your meme idea....

    By Blogger Chris H, at 8:25 PM  

  • I think "self striping yarn + control issues" could be a post in and of itself. While you may avoid it, I relish in bossing it around. Self striping, you say? Well, then, my self striping socks will match exactly. And I do mean exactly. Such that that there are measuring and special cast on gymnastics to ensure the desired result. Control freak, moi? Pshaw. I know not of what you speak.

    By Blogger Danielle, at 9:32 PM  

  • Sometimes, cats know who needs to be comforted.

    Are the toes hereditary?

    Yarn control is an art, not a sickness!

    By Blogger Roxie, at 9:53 AM  

  • I contemplated the every day thing, but that was as far as I got...

    ixnay on the arcay alktay.

    Not liking self striping yarns hints at control issues??! So that's the problem!

    By Blogger Annie, at 11:29 AM  

  • Hmmm. Should that be artalkcay?

    By Blogger Annie, at 11:29 AM  

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